Christine HE


Alex Cheung graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts majoring in Directing, and holds a Master’s degree from Fo Guang University Graduate Institute of Art Studies. He was a core member of Ring Creative, working mainly in drumming performances, theatre, physical movements, and design and teaching of courses on Eastern art.
He was a member of Taiwan’s U Theatre before he founded Möbius Strip Theatre, of which he is also Co-Artistic Director. His directorial efforts have won him many accolades and awards: Ritual of Night 2012 was among the Top Ten Finalists for the Taishin Arts Awards; the premiere of Diving in the Moment was named one of the five 'Shows of the Year' of Guling Street Avant-garde Theatre, and the production was revived by the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre in 2012, leading to a nomination for Best Director at the forth Theatre Libre Awards; and hamlet b. won the third Theatre Libre Awards for Best Director and Best Overall Performance. Apart from leading Möbius Strip to participate in the dance festivals of Taipei and Hong Kong, he has also brought their works to various arts festivals held in Poland, Thailand, Beijing and Shanghai.