Allen LAM


Born and raised in Hong Kong.
Began practicing dance by serendipity at the age of 19; for the past twenty-odd years my passion is contact improvisation. Came into contact with the study of butoh in recent years. Uses somatic movement practices as the backbone for my research and teaching.
Received formal training in dance in the USA and HK; a graduate from CUHK and HKAPA.
Teaches for the School of Dance and previous for the School of Drama of the HKAPA, as well as for the medical humanities program co-organized by the Absolutely Fabulous Theatre Connection and the School of Medicine of HKU. From time to time, I travel to different countries and regions to create, teach, perform and translate.
In my dance career, I continuously encounter the dichotomies in life: happiness/sadness, goodness/badness, beauty/ugliness, authenticity/hypocrisy. The most important thing is that I still choose to love life, dance, art, creativity and teaching.
Creativity from the heart will attract the best audience, just as a flower in full bloom will bathe in the breeze. Gladly I share with you all.