KOO siu hang
Edmund LEUNG

Nelson HIU

(Hong Kong /​USA)
Nelson Hiu studied Ethnomusicology at the University of Hawaii, and moved to Hong Hong in 1985 where he took up dance music accompaniment as a profession. Hiu’s interest in music improvisation comes from the social unrest of the 1960’s and 1970’s, and has thirty plus years of experience in numerous locations for variety of performances including experimental improvisational music, sound, music for dance and music for theatre.
His innovative uses of instruments include the bamboo flute, drums, erhu, guqin, electronic musical instruments and voice. Sound sources range from found sound, electronics sound, traditional ethnic instruments, guitar, electric guitar, piano to percussion. He has performed in the Mainland, Japan, Taiwan, Germant and the United States. His discographies include Music for Roaches, birds & Other Creatures, Still Here, POK and Normal Free.
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