Billy Siu Kit CHAN
KOO siu hang

Terry WU

Art Practitioner, Visual Jockey and the founder of IZEN. Ride on the tide of thoughts and the wave of arts, practice art as cultivation. Interest in combing technology with art, and explore the possibility of multimedia. He has produced music videos for various pop singers, including Alex Lam, AGA , Khalil Fong , Choco and Metal Music Band Niliu etc. He performed as Visual Jockey for Forgotten Dream Carnival presented by VIDEOTAGE X [FMEL] (2013), Endless Summer Hong Kong International Reggae Ska Festival (2016), multimedia Beijing Opera Lord Guan Yu on Stage, multimedia Kunqu Sigmund Freud in Search of Chinese Matters & Mind, contemporary dance piece Sleepy Sickness (2013) and Habitat Here (2014), concerts such as Another Face of the Moon by Killer Soap, Guinness Amplify, Mars by Hua Chenyu, Idol Good and Amese life 2016 etc. He founded a multimedia art and culture organization - IZEN and performed on Busan International Dance Market 2016 and Papay Gyro 2017 at Norway for the first time performance Orbital Aritual, and later in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.