i-Dance (HK)

i-Dance Festival was first organised by a group of independent artists in 2004. In 2009, Y-Space took over the presentation of the i-Dance Festival, while friends in Asia also support us and subsequently started i-Dance Festivals in Taiwan (2011), South Korea (2012) and Japan (2013). Even though there are slight differences, but “i” has remained our departure point, being:

Independent dancer/ artist platform.

Unpredictable risks … communicating with body and soul … a state of untethered freedom. A practice that requires immense concentration and yet complete letting go. A practise of free expression and respectful listening.

iPhone, iPad … can dance borrow from new technologies?

An International celebration of dance, a dance-off and an exchange.

Dancers, multimedia artists, audiences and sites partake in sumptuous feasts.

Links and alliances generated by different ‘i’ s.