Y-Space Staff

Artistic Director: Victor Choi-wo MA
Outreach & Education Director: Mandy Ming-yin YIM
Senior Administration & Programme Officer: Ruby CHIU
Assistant Administration & Programme Officer: Lorraine LEE
Trainee Dancer: HO Ming Yan
Assistant Stage Manager: Tiffany WONG
Accountant: Gosper International Consultants Limited


i-Dance(HK)2016 Production Team

Artistic Director & Curator: Victor Choi-wo MA
Producer: Mandy Ming-yin YIM
Programme Manager: Denise TSE
Programme Coordinator: Peier WU and Enid YU
Coordination & Publicity: Y-Space & i-Dance Administrative Team
Production Manager & Stage Manager: Evelyn Wei
Lighting Designer & Coordinator: Lawmanray
Sound Designer & Coordinator: SZE Ka-yan
Video Designer & Coordinator: Adrian YEUNG
Deputy Stage Manager: Allen CHAU
Translation: Joanna Lee
Graphic Designer: Luminous Design Studio、Florence Yim (Booking Brochure)
Photographer & Videographer: Ringo TANG @Agogofilm
On the cover: MAO wei